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Posted by Scot Karp on Thursday, May 21st, 2015 at 1:24pm.

Aside from the obligatory jump into the cool waves of the Atlantic, how can you stay cool this summer? Not to mention dry… Well tech developers are lending a helping hand, improving on the classics to make your summer chores seamless and almost sweat-free, even during the hottest of heat waves. These luxury tech devices synch with your phone or nature itself, and you’ll be left with more time to enjoy a few bonus gadgets!

In Your Garden

You’re not the only one begging for a long drink of water. Each plant has different requirements for humidity levels, water, and sunlight. Fortunately, a smart sprinkler system measures those levels, taking into consideration rainfall. Check out Skydrop: it’s easy to install, and it picks up on the local weather data to deliver ideal irrigation to your garden.

On the Inside

Whether you’re AC obsessed or strictly reserve the cool air flow for one room at a time, you can now program those settings with your phone. The Quirky+GE AC even knows your schedule, so it will have your front entrance nice and chilly for you arrival home from work. Did we mention how nice it looks?

Under the Stars

When the sun starts to set and you can feel it cooling off, why not have a bit of fun! Take to your outdoor oasis to enjoy a movie under the stars. Weatherproofed outdoor movie systems or projectors in your backyard are a sure fire way to take in the stars and latest entertainment. Invest in a Stewart Filmscreen and you’ll soon find yourself spending far more time outdoors.

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