Top Luxury Condo Buildings on Millionaire’s Mile in Hillsboro Beach

Posted by Scot Karp on Sunday, January 21st, 2018 at 3:16pm.

Millionaire's Mile CondosThe famed Millionaire’s Mile in Hillsboro Beach is where you’ll find some of the most desirable condo buildings in all of South Florida. Offering incredible views of the ocean, direct access to the beach, and a widespread collection of lifestyle amenities that only adds to the appeal and desirability of each location, there’s truly nothing like living on Millionaire’s Mile, regardless of which building it is you call home.

But with so many options, just where is a best place to begin a condo search along Hillsboro Mile? Well, despite getting a variety of answers depending on who you ask, here are just a few top buildings we recommend:

1200 Hillsboro Mile

If you’re not terribly thrilled about living in a high-rise condo building, give 1200 Hillsboro Mile a closer look. Units here are ultra luxurious, offer up to three bedrooms, and you’ll still get some pretty awesome views even despite not being up so high.

Hillsboro Ocean Club

If living as close to the ocean as possible is the ultimate goal during your condo search, welcome to Hillsboro Ocean Club. Some might say this might actually be the most desirable building in all of Hillsoro Beach, but that of course is still up for debate.

Ocean Grande

Located at 1063 Hillsboro Mile, Ocean Grande is for condo buyers who truly want a resort-style living experience. The swimming pool area here sits right off the beach and is truly nothing short of spectacular, as are the living spaces and all the other amenities you’ll find throughout the building.

Scot Karp, Director
Ultraluxury Condominium Division
Boca Raton, Florida


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