Remember These 3 Things When Selling Your Boca Condo

Posted by Scot Karp on Monday, October 23rd, 2017 at 12:20pm.

Sell Your Boca Raton CondoThinking about selling your Boca Raton condo? By now, there’s a pretty good chance you’ve at least heard about or read how much staging matters. But just what does that mean exactly, and how does staging a condo differ from staging a single-family home? Let’s dive into all the basics below: 

Understand spacing & square footage

Most condos in Boca are smaller than a detached single-family residence, which means the de-cluttering process is even more critical than it may be inside a larger living space. The primary goal should always be to create as much visual space inside a condo as possible, so organize the closets, get rid of books on display, and don’t be afraid to even remove a piece of furniture or two depending on how your living space is currently setup. 

Don’t forget about the floors 

Believe it or not, the rug inside an open concept condo can make or break how a living space looks and feels. If it flows well and feels in-touch with your existing furniture, all if good. But if a rug clashes with your interior in the slightest way, or even worse, feels old or worn out, it’s going to stick out like a sore thumb and turn prospective buyers off. 

Great article! Emphasizing the need of a rug especially in open concept condos is a must. One thing I might add is that the rug should at least touch the furniture. It looks better when it is a bit under the front legs of every piece of furniture. When I am giving a home staging consultation for an occupied condo, sometimes the area rugs I see in there are so small they look like a front door mat under the coffee table! A large rug as your photo shows, pulls all the furniture together and defines the area in a large open space. 

New is always better 

We get it—staging a condo can be expensive. But not every improvement requires deep pockets. We highly recommend installing a new shower curtain, adding new bedding and accent pillows, and even updating the hardware on your kitchen/bathroom cabinetry to give your unit a fresh vibe throughout. 

Scot Karp, Director
Ultraluxury Condominium Division
Boca Raton, Florida


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