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Home Selling Tips For Boca Raton Home Owners

No matter how much you enjoy the warm tropical climate of South Florida or how spectacular those waterfront views can be from wherever it is you call home, sometimes it’s just time to move on. If you’re thinking about selling your home or condo in Boca Raton and don’t quite know where to begin, we regularly try to provide helpful tips and tricks that should help make the home or condo selling process just a little bit easier, and hopefully a whole lot faster. For more information about selling your Boca home or to learn how I can help, contact me today at your earliest convenience, or get a free, no-obligation property valuation to see what your home or condo is worth in today’s marketplace!

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Palm Beach County Real Estate Market UpdateResidential home sales throughout South Florida saw a pretty nice jump in November, with the one exception of Palm Beach County. According to recently released stats, local home sales fell 4.3 percent year-over-year to 1,189, and that’s even with prices trending upward. 

Despite the dip in sales, the median price for single-family homes in Palm Beach County spiked 5.5 percent to $348,250 last month compared to this same time last year. 

The good news is that condo sales in our market saw a nice boost from 2017, increasing by 6.1 percent year-over-year to 1,016 closings. In addition, condo prices also increased, although only by 2.8 percent to $176,750. 

Overall, total residential sales in November still posted a small 0.2 percent gain, up four

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Florida Real Estate Market Florida saw a slight uptick in new listings and also in the overall median home price over the first quarter of 2018, according to new data from the Florida Association of Realtors. 

Over the first few months of 2018, the median price for both existing single-family homes and also for condos and townhouses climbed, which is actually a trend that isn’t new for most of Florida. 

For existing single-family homes specifically, the statewide median sales price jumped 9.7 percent year-over-year to $248,000, while condo-townhouse listings saw a similar spike of 7.8 percent to $180,000. 

As mentioned, the number of new listings for single-family residences increased by just over 1 percent, while the number of new condo-townhouse listings jumped by 2.9

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Selling a Home or Condo In Boca RatonChoosing to sell your Boca Raton condo is a major decision, both from an emotional standpoint and a financial one. After all, the goal of any home or condo sale is to get the most money possible, right? But simply listing your condo on the MLS and doing little else to market your property hardly ensures you’ll maximize profit, even in the hottest of hot markets.

Hiring the right real estate agent will certainly go a long way in reaching and exceeding your goals as a home seller, but just what does “hiring the right real estate agent" mean exactly? Well, let’s dive deeper into exactly what you’ll get when hiring me…

I’ll price your home right

One of the biggest challenges most real estate agents face is coming up with the right listing price

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Selling a condo in Boca RatonBoca Raton is filled with high-end real estate, with upscale residences and waterfront properties. To make your home stand out from the rest, there are a few things you can do before putting your luxury condo on the market.

Unlike many single-family homes, condos in Boca Raton hold the distinct advantage of low-maintenance and added amenities to drive up interest. Still, you’ll need to put in a little work to get the best return on your investment.

De-clutter your condo

One easy thing to do to make your condo ready for the market is to start de-cluttering the unit. You can pay someone to come in and do the work for you, including moving out some of your furnishings and staging your home.

You can also do some of the work yourself. To create more

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Sell Your Boca Raton CondoThinking about selling your Boca Raton condo? By now, there’s a pretty good chance you’ve at least heard about or read how much staging matters. But just what does that mean exactly, and how does staging a condo differ from staging a single-family home? Let’s dive into all the basics below: 

Understand spacing & square footage

Most condos in Boca are smaller than a detached single-family residence, which means the de-cluttering process is even more critical than it may be inside a larger living space. The primary goal should always be to create as much visual space inside a condo as possible, so organize the closets, get rid of books on display, and don’t be afraid to even remove a piece of furniture or two depending on how your living space is

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The real estate market in Boca Raton is about as hot as the temperature outside right now, making it a great time to sell a home or condo. But unlike so many other markets across the country, condos often take center stage here in the Boca Raton area, especially buildings that happen to sit right in the oceanfront.

But with so many condos to choose from, buyers are often presented with plenty of options and opportunities to consider when browsing the market, which is precisely why you’ll need to take all the right steps when choosing to put your unit on the market. So, to help get your started, here are a few quick tips and tricks that will help get your condo sold not only in the quickest amount of time, but also at the price you want:


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