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Posted by Scot Karp on Wednesday, July 2nd, 2014 at 2:12pm.

Mizner Grand Condominiums, Named for Addison MiznerIt isn't often that you come across an individual whose influence on a city is so significant that over 80 years after their death, they are still one of the most well-known names in the area. However, that is the case with renowned Boca Raton architect, Addison Mizner, a man whose unique architecture single handedly changed the style of South Florida and shaped Boca Raton real estate into what it is today.

Addison Mizner Early Life

Addison Mizner was born in Benicia, California in 1872. His father's career as a lawyer and U.S. Minister to Guatemala meant that Addison traveled a lot as a child. It is this traveling that is largely credited for inspiring his unique interpretations of the Spanish Colonial and Mediterranean Revival architecture style that he would later become known for.

As a young man, Mizner spent time developing his career in San Fransisco and New York and even co-authored a book while traveling in Hawaii. At the age of 46, Addison Mizner relocated to Florida and began designing the buildings that would make him one of the best-known American architects of the 1920's.  It is here that Mizner would have his greatest influence and develop his signature building style which would soon become synonymous with Boca Raton real estate.

Addison Mizner - Boca Raton Homes

What made Addison Mizner's buildings so special was that they were individually tailored to perfectly suit his wealthy client's requests and were designed in such a way as to accommodate the South Florida climate. Addison Mizner style homes were able to combat natural climate issues with architectural features; windows were thoughtfully located to create crosswinds, and kitchens were built in separate wings to reduce any unnecessary heat in the home. This insight and dedication to design made him a highly sought after luxury architect by Boca Raton's elite, despite the fact that he actually had no formal university architecture training.

Addison Mizner Final Years

Although Mizner's architectural contributions forever redefined the style of Boca Raton homes and other Southern Florida real estate, his story did not end in glory. In 1925 investors started pulling out of Mizner's latest project due to a freight embargo called by the big railroad companies and bad publicity on Florida's real estate market. The Florida land boom had come to an end and as a result the Mizner Development Corporation was forced to declare bankruptcy in 1926. In spite of this, Addison Mizner continued to build homes and publish his work, however, his progress was slowed by the beginning of the world depression and the 1929 Crash. In 1933 Addison Mizner succumbed to a heart attack at the age of 60.

Although Mizner's life ended abruptly during a time of hardship, he is forever remembered for the incredible influence he had on Boca Raton real estate. Most notably, Mizner designed the iconic Boca Raton Resort & Club. In addition to this masterpiece and many others, his legacy continues to live on in the area with several Boca Raton condominium buildings, including Mizner Grand and Mizner Tower, shopping centers, parks, and natural areas area being named after him.

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