4 Fast Facts About Selling Luxury Boca Raton Real Estate

Posted by Scot Karp on Thursday, September 8th, 2016 at 5:06pm.

Luxury Boca Raton Home Selling Tips

It's no secret that Boca Raton luxury real estate is in high demand and it takes the expertise of a luxury focused agent to truly market a property effectively. Affluent buyers know exactly what they're looking for and it's undeniably important that sellers are delivering and showcasing that quality. With the help of a luxury home buying and selling specialist, you can sell your incredible property for top dollar and in a timely fashion.

Opulent Staging is Everything

When a luxury buyer walks into your home, they want to picture their life there. This means they're likely looking at the furniture and décor of the home, ensuring it's up to their standards. Using a professional stager can help bring insight and imagination to the buyer. We use Meredith Baer for all our home staging needs and can assure you that well-designed homes encourage buyers to bid quickly and high.

If you're selling a luxury home, you're not only selling the property but also the lifestyle. Think about what originally appealed to you about your home and the lifestyle, and display that.

Marketing Can Make or Break A Deal

Selling luxury real estate is not the same as selling more modest properties. It's important to use an experienced agent with a luxury-focus because they'll truly understand how to market your property. Advertising your home is incredibly important and should be done with particular avenues in mind. Before hiring an agent, ensure they have experience with Ultraluxury home selling and a large network for marketing purposes. It's extremely imperative to trust your agent. After all, they'll have the most insight on market trends and opportunities.

Don't Be Afraid To Show Your Home

Some home sellers think that keeping the property hidden from buyers creates a sense of mystery and affluence, but this isn't the case. The more you showcase your stunning home, the more potential buyers will eager to see it. You can still make your home appear as a hot commodity and exclusive, but you'll also be catering to those who need a visual before making a purchase.

Additionally, a public open house may not be beneficial for your market, but your agent can host an open house for brokers instead. A broker open house is exclusively hosted for local real estate professionals, allowing real estate agents to view possibilities for their potential buyers.

Provide Incentives

Who doesn't love an extra perk when buying a home? Incentives are just as appealing in the luxury real estate market as they are in other markets. Consider selling your home with a one-of-a-kind piece of art, a year's membership to the beach club, or a collector's edition of a famous book. This will give your luxury home that extra bit of edge over your competitors.

Look no further if you're searching a Boca Raton luxury home buying and selling expert. Scot Karp has already done over $60 million in sales this year! Contact Scot today to get started.

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