May 2015

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Aside from the obligatory jump into the cool waves of the Atlantic, how can you stay cool this summer? Not to mention dry… Well tech developers are lending a helping hand, improving on the classics to make your summer chores seamless and almost sweat-free, even during the hottest of heat waves. These luxury tech devices synch with your phone or nature itself, and you’ll be left with more time to enjoy a few bonus gadgets!

In Your Garden

You’re not the only one begging for a long drink of water. Each plant has different requirements for humidity levels, water, and sunlight. Fortunately, a smart sprinkler system measures those levels, taking into consideration rainfall. Check out Skydrop: it’s easy to install, and it picks up on the local weather data

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boca raton concierge

Boca Raton is a vibrant and affluent city, with a diverse range of world-class dining and shopping, as well as beautiful beaches and prestigious golf courses. The challenge for residents in Boca is finding the time to enjoy this vast wealth of activities and experiences. Daily errands, home projects, and professional obligations can end up overtaking the majority of free-time. That's where professional Boca Raton concierge services come in.

Concierge services in Boca Raton offer to take on your to-do list so that you can maximize your time for other areas in your life. Whether you're searching for regular home maintenance, personal shopping, charter services, appointment scheduling, interior decorating, or any other services you can think of,

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