October 2014

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luxury kitchen trends When it comes to designing a custom kitchen, the sky's the limit. From the cabinets to the floors, every detail is key to creating a luxurious kitchen with aesthetic appeal yet ultimate functionality. To set you off on the right path, here are 5 luxury kitchen must haves that are making waves:


There's nothing more luxurious than perfectly organized kitchen cabinets. Whether you like to display your kitchen ware and fare or you prefer a clean slate of cabinets, custom kitchen cabinets are the base of any solid kitchen. With custom cabinets, you can choose the materials, finishes, and aesthetic. For inspiration, head over to Poggenpohl, the oldest kitchen brand in the world.


For buyers who have embraced the art of cuisine, no

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luxury real estate trendsTrends in luxury real estate are shifting as the next generation of affluent real estate enthusiasts and investors take up the mantle. But what do they want in a home? Our blog today focuses on three emerging trends in the luxury real estate market.

Generation Y Buyers

With changing regulations on mortgage and credit availability has come a changing demographic of those who dabble or delve in the luxury real estate market. And now that the market is stabilizing, we're seeing new shifts in not only the types of homes that buyers are looking for, as well as in the buyers themselves.

While the millennial generation is often attributed with characteristics along the lines of having piles of student debt, being doubtful of real estate's financial

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florida homeowners' associationDid you know that most neighborhoods and condo buildings in Boca Raton have homeowners’ associations (HOA)? While these regulatory boards provide amazing benefits to the community, they can also have legal sway. Here are a few simple pieces of HOA advice for your property hunt.

    1. Most real estate listings state whether or not a house or condo belongs to a homeowners’ association. Browse through the listings and determine the name of the HOA or condo association and its duties in the community or building. See if you can find the HOA’s website.

    2. The HOA’s website is a great resource for staying on top of community news and events. There is often a community or condo newsletter, which will give you a good idea of the community spirit.


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